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ASK Piearcey have expertise in all aspects of Odour control.
A specialist area of air pollution, made complex by its direct impact on the public at large and constant changes in legislation.


Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals containing carbon that exist in the gaseous phase of emission. Our expert consutants will analyse your processes to design an emmision capture solution tailored to your needs.

Welcome to ASK Piearcey Ltd

We are consultants specialising in
Air Pollution Control.

We provide advice, designs, management and investigative services for all air pollution control applications including:
Odour Control, VOC Abatement, Dust/Fume Extraction, DeNox/Sox, Vent Gas Scrubbing.
We have successfully provided our services since 2006 in a broad range of industrial sectors including:
Sewage Odour Control, Municipal Waste Handling, Food manufacture and processing, Chemical Processing/ Manufacture, Pharmaceutical Manufacture.

ASK Piearcey News

Catalytic Oxidiser Project

ASK Piearcey generated the specification documents, managed the tendering stage and coordinated this project...
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Industrial VOC Abatement

ASK Piearcey designed a range of split bed rect-annular carbon adsorbers for the adsorption of methyl chloride on a coating process...
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