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VOC Abatement

Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals containing carbon that exist in the gaseous phase at emission conditions.

Solvents and other organic, vapour releases, can be toxic to the environment (and humans), act as ozone depleting agents and cause nuisance effects such as odour , visible plumes or mild allergic reactions.

VOCs, depending on the process and whether it is an IPPC or LAPPC controlled installation, have set emission targets. The targets are generally given as carbon in mg/Nm3 (N denotes normalised -zero degrees centigrade flow.) Most VOCs fall between 20 -50 mg/Nm as carbon but dioxins and Isocyanates (amongst others) have more stringent limits.

VOCs are generally handled with activated carbon or oxidisers. Wet scrubbing is not usually applicable to this type of emission, however advanced bio-filtration techniques are now being successfully applied in some cases.

What we do

  • Site survey and study of process to assess emission
  • Review any historical test work to characterise/quantify emission
  • Design the emission capture system
  • Design any necessary abatement equipment
  • Manage the project on behalf of the customer
  • Ensure targets are realistic and guarantee compliance
  • Train personel on VOC strategy or equipment use
  • Troubleshoot problem systems

How We Work with Customers

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