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Legislative Services

ASK Piearcey can offer help, advice and guidance on many aspects of the legal requirements of air pollution control.

From initial consultations to complete packages ASK Piearcey can offer:

  • IPPC/LAPPC applications -full document packages and full site assessments to determine your environmental obligations
  • Development/Negotiation of consents and targets for VOC and odour control applications etc
  • Assistance at meetings with SEPA, EA or local authority
  • Search and report on how legislation is likely to affect your business now and with future changes
  • Independent reports on failed or malfunctioning equipment to assess liabilities

Specialists in Environmental field

Martin Glossop IPPC Permitting and Environmental Management Systems

Andrew Vevers IPPC Permitting and Environmental Management Systems

Malcolm Savage ISO14001

If you are interested in further details, please email your details to [email protected]

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