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An Introduction to our Services

ASK Piearcey is a process engineering consultancy specialising in air pollution control and environmental issues.

The following is a summary of the kind of work we undertake:

Design of Systems

  • Carbon Adsorbers - Annular, Vertical, Dual Bed Systems
  • Wet Scrubbers - Packed Towers, Venturis, Spray Towers
  • Thermal Oxidisers - Regenerative, Recuperative, DFO and Catalytic
  • Biological - Permanent Media Biofilters, Bioscrubbers
  • Ducting/Capture - Pressure Drops, Noise, Capture Velocities, Hood Design

Site Surveys and Studies

  • Process Analysis and Emission Point Identification
  • Emission Spot Testing-FID and Gastec
  • Determination of Capture Requirements
  • BAT Assessments
  • Scheme Design
  • Olfactometric Testing

Project Work

  • Commissioning
  • O/M Manuals
  • Site Supervision (CSCS Manager Level)
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Project Management
  • Performance Testing

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