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Design Services

ASK Piearcey can tackle the full spectrum of Air Pollution Control applications and have Professional Indemnity insurance to guarantee designs.

The kind of work we undertake:

  • Scrubber, Adsorber, Bio-filter, Oxidiser, Solvent Recovery, Condap System Sizing, Specification and Selection, Design Vetting
  • PID, FDS, Control Philosophy, G/A, Commissioning Schedules, Technical Report Generation
  • Gastech Analysis, Arrangement for Olfactometry, Smoke Testing, Flow Measurement, Problem Definition and Reporting
  • Project Engineering, Site Supervision, Commissioning, Performance Testing and Trouble Shooting
  • Proposal Designs, Product Designs (e.g Standard Ranges), Document Reviews, Tender Management

Full design briefs can start from site surveys to assess the processes causing emissions and then to characterise and quantify the emission. Suitable fume capture systems are then designed with a view to providing cost effective and reliable containment of emissions. Where appropriate the end-of-pipe technology required to abate the fume can be selected, sized and specified for tender.

ASK Piearcey can then manage the project to procure and install the various components (fans, ducting, electrics, controls, abatement units etc), we can even test and commission the system.

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