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Retainer Agreement >

This option is suitable if you are a manufacturer of products that ASK Piearcey can design, you wish to sub-contract ASK Piearcey for a lengthy study or you require frequent short scale work. Here we charge a small monthly fee which nominally purchases 5 hours of consultation per month and is used for casual, as needed, design work, calculations, study, advice.

An example would be a customer that builds air pollution control systems but utilises externally sourced design expertise. The retainer would be the ideal way for ASK Piearcey to service enquiries cost effectively and provide rough designs for proposals and sales purposes.

Retainer Customers get a discount on the daily rate during the retainer agreement period.

The retainer period is either 3, 6 or 12 months.

Day Rate >

If you require our services we are available for half or full days (travel permitting). Offices based days where there is no travel involved are charged at the daily rate (discounted if multiple days or retainer customer).

Where travel is required then the travel is charged at mileage rate and any tolls , fares, flights or other expenses at cost +15%. Simply call us to book a day or send us your information and we will provide a free quotation to achieve your requirements.

Typical Rates


Percent Fee >

Where a customer is bidding a large project which requires significant proposal stage design work, then the customer can elect to enter a percent fee "no win no fee" arrangement.

Here the customer agrees to pay a percent of the project value to cover pre-order work if they are successful in securing the project. Any post order work required is then charged at the daily rate.

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Terms & Conditions >

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