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Training Services

ASK Piearcey are a valuable resource of information and experience. We know the importance of understanding processes and how to analyse, plan and design air pollution and abatement systems.

We are able to offer valuable training to ensure that the systems and equipment you have are working to there full potential. Here are just some of the training services that ASK Piearcey can offer:

  • Presentations and Seminars on technologies, design approaches, odour control and air movement
  • Specifically designed workshops for air pollution issues
  • Procedures for IPPC/LAPPC for your process
  • One on One discussions regarding air pollution
  • How to assess suppliers of pollution control equipment
  • Use of "inherited" or new Abatement equipment
  • Training can be flexible to suit your needs. It can be basic without support documentation or a structured workshop with tasks, exercises, assessments and certification. Training can also be retrospective, relating to equipment that has previously been installed.

Some training will require preparation, particularly where it is customer specific.

If you are interested in further details on rates and scope, please email your requirements to [email protected]

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