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Odour control is a specialist area of air pollution control, made complex by its direct impact on the public at large and the methodology of performance measurement.

Odour control requires a broad approach for guaranteed resolution. ASK Piearcey Ltd undertake the following steps to develop effective schemes:

  • Determine the compliance parameters and legislative requirements pertinent to the application
  • Investigate and understand the processes that generate the odour
  • Quantify and characterise the various emissions leading to odours (including fugitive releases)
  • Negotiate and develop and agreed odour consent for the process with the authorities
  • Design an effective fume capture system
  • Where necessary, design and specify the optimum abatement equipment
  • Where appropriate Develop an Odour Management Plan (OMP)
  • Manage the tender process and procurement of the capital project
  • Supervise the installation of the system
  • Commission or assist/supervise the commissioning and testing of the system
  • Generate odour monitoring and complaint monitoring protocols to abide by the OMP
  • Generate an on-going periodic test protocol in agreement with the OMP

Do Not's

  • Do not guarantee or accept a guarantee of Zero odour at any point of any emission criteria. It is not possible to achieve.
  • Do not guarantee or accept guarantees of zero or even reduced complaints. The level of complaints may be entirely out of the control of the project (other sources , obsessive complainants etc).


  • Do fully characterise and quantify the emissions and invest in accurately defining the problem.
  • Do involve the authorities, operations and designers in the development of the targets to be met.
  • Do consider the impact of maintenance and operational cost as well as capital cost of projects.
  • Do utilise PR and "community marketing" to showcase your company’s commitment to odour control

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